What is an Eat. Sleep. Rave. Retreat?

There are many options..

..when it comes to wild clubbing tours offering you to get loose on your first epic hedonistic journey to the party capital of the globe where you get to dance and be free in the world’s best clubs and parties.

There are also many retreats for the new found yoga and meditation lovers to delve deeper within themselves during a week of body balancing and inner healing, while tucked away in a secluded villa far from the action of the island.

But, are there any out there that offer you a healthy balance of both? Are there any perfectly curated experiences, made with You in heart and mind, that are designed to allow you to entertain both of these cravings within? Are there any transformational retreats out there that encourage you to feed your need to dance, to safely let go and rediscover what it really means to ‘rave’, while also nourishing & replenishing Your mind, body and soul?

Well.. until now..

There wasn’t.

We are truly excited to welcome you to the first ever Eat Sleep Rave Retreat. A new way to nourish your body, empower your mind and restore your soul, all while experiencing a completely balanced, beautifully curated selection of the best of what Ibiza, one of the most magical and dynamic places in the world, has to offer YOU.

On this one week retreat you’ll be guided on journeys to hidden beach clubs in the far north and authentic local restaurants in the far South, driven to breathtaking view spots accessible only by jeep, floated to secret hidden caves accessible only by boat and invited to uplifting, exclusive parties accessible only by your personal host.

You’ll be fed by real lovers of food

Those who forage from the land and shop at local, organic, farm-based stores to prepare you wholesome yet indulgent meals as they educate you on how to love, revitalise and energise yourself through your ever-expanding relationship with food.

Under the early morning rays of island sun and the darkness of the new moon night, you’ll be guided by Ibiza’s top yoga, meditation and sound healing specialists as you connect with your inner self, rediscovering your passions, your purpose, your reason for being.

This summer in Ibiza

we invite YOU to Eat, Sleep, Rave and Re-treat yourself

Let’s be honest, when you dedicate yourself to the demands of life and business at the pace and intensity you do, a meaningless trip to party life’s stresses away just doesn’t cut it anymore. They leave you more physically exhausted, emotionally drained and spiritually empty than you were before, no longer giving you any release or new found inspirations to fire up your life from within, sending you off from your ‘holiday’ with a twitch and a tear as you head back to the life you call reality.

And although the western world has beautifully woken up to the eastern influence of meditation, yoga and discovering the essential journey of going within, for someone who lives and works at your level of life, a week in meditation can almost be like going backwards for you. It’s like switching so far off, you’ll struggle to get going again as you return to your work.

You may leave feeling deeply in touch with your inner self, but lacking that ‘I’ve had a real holiday’ feeling.

Eat Sleep Rave Retreat is completely different

Following 7 nights and 8 days of balancing between the extremes with our team of specialists, you’ll leave with the deep satisfaction of having had a week of unforgettable experiences.

From arrival to departure, you’ll make lifelong friends out of strangers. You’ll have seen, smelled, tasted, touched and learnt new flavours and techniques that will continue to add to the quality of your life as you venture on to your next destination. And of course, you’ll have celebrated life, through your love for music and self-expression we discover in dance.

So join us this summer for your well-deserved break, retreat, holiday, dining and dancing experience.

About your host

Mike Parry

With over 15 years in international business, working in the travel and entertainment while building a world-renowned film, music and event production brand in Ibiza, Mike is the magic that brings this one of a kind experience all together for you. Having hosted multi millionaire birthday parties and weddings, sporting events, clubbing tours, and all kinds of celebrations, over the last 13 years Mike has mastered the magic of balancing between the extremes of life on this island and its industries, always dedicated to discovering the best places to, well, eat, sleep, rave and retreat for his clients, friends and special one.

Finally, Mike decided to create his own selection of the best of Ibiza, not for a wedding or a birthday client who already knows all that they want, but rather, a retreat thoughtfully curated for YOU, Special One. Its taken over two years to design this very unique experience for YOU, the hardworking one, the busy one, the one who loves to dance, needs a holiday, could do with a massage, would kill for some quiet time, is desperate for some sunshine, who’s body needs a good stretch, who could do with a few new recipes, but honestly, you just don’t have the time, know-how, contacts, patience or persistence to search, negotiate and build a tailor-made transformational experience like this for yourself.

So, with You in mind, Mike has personally handpicked some of his favourite Ibiza foodies, dancers and DJs, wrapped them together with his enlightened energy healers, yoga teachers and mind trainers, mixed them in a week of balanced experiences, sounds, flavours and lessons, all now ready to be served this September for your enjoyment at some of the island’s most breathtaking locations, as we venture from the north to the south, east to west, and to the essence of You.

See you this summer, for your first ever Eat. Sleep. Rave. Retreat.

Mike x

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