A team of experts who bring the balance to your week's retreat

We can find a million recipes for a good life

..but it’s the learning of proven techniques from field experts that is key to the successful integration of knowledge.

Tess Prince


  • “Making Healthy Delicious” – Mediterranean cooking with Ibiza’s finest superfoods

    After 15 years of experience in the UK food industry, Tess moved to Ibiza in 2013 where she spotted a gap in the market, and created Love Food Ibiza; a conceptual website, YouTube channel creative outlet for her acclaimed recipe blog and more recently Love Food Ibiza podcast. With a background in culinary art, nutrition and styling she has also worked alongside Ottolenghi and Shirlie Kemp, so her flare and attention to detail makes her one of the most sought after chefs in the Balearics.

    Tess has become a foodie sweetheart of Ibiza thanks to her close friendships with artisans, fellow chefs, farmers and wine merchants. As a private chef, her client base includes A list clients, famous folk from the worlds of music, fashion and television.

    But above all, Tess cooks with passion, love and a touch of considered consciousness that you will taste during your meal and feel in the nourishment of your body for days after.

Lucky Life Music


  • Lucky Life are an Ibiza based record label and events brand known for their special flare of quality and colourful entertainment which they have provided over the last 15 years. From putting on boat and beach parties across Ibiza, London, Amsterdam, Spain and South Africa, to hosting events and providing DJ’s to the islands most renowned clubs and venues, including Pacha, Space, Pikes and Cafe del Mar, working alongside everyone from Carl Cox to  We Love, The Back to Mine series and The South West Four Festival, Lucky Life will have all your rave requirements carefully taken care of.

    With access to the islands most talented DJ’s and a host of incredible artists, dancers and live performers, your private parties will be second to none. So, whether restrictions allow the clubs to open or not, you don’t need to worry about missing out on your Ibiza rave as Lucky Life will have your private party perfectly catered for.

Trish Whelan


  • A multi dimensional energy healing therapist, Trish teaches Shamanic Kundalini Yoga and Reiki also leading her own healing retreats and programmes in Ibiza and around the world.

    Practising the healing arts for almost 20 years, healing is absolutely Trish’s main focus. She works with an open heart to facilitate helping people embrace life and move further along their own path to happiness, harmony, joy and love.

    Trish specialises in teaching Shamanic Kundalini, which is Kundalini Yoga without the dogma, open to all and where all are welcome, a perfect practise for first timers and experienced yogis to enjoy together.

    I truly believe that these practices are one of the greatest blessings we have, as human beings, at this time. Kundalini Yoga transforms and really helps us to connect to ourselves, the world we live in and the quantum field of endless possibilities. We can move through blocks quickly and we can be OUR OWN HEALER.”

Ascanio D’Ascanio


  • Following a life of adventure dedicated to his love for water based activities, for the last 10 years, Ascanio has ran his own kayak, windsurf and SUP school here in ibiza. Well known for his ability to educate and facilitate beginners in having a fulfilling and enjoyable first experience, Ascanio is also renowned for taking accomplished surfers and paddlers to new levels of skill and adventure under his guidance. 

    Speaking English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian, he’s well versed for almost all of our nationalities visiting on our retreats and he has taught all around the world.

    Pretty much living in the waters around Ibiza on a daily basis for well over a decade, Ascanio is our perfect specialist to curate your daytime, sunbathing adventures. Let all the worries of the ‘real world’ disappear as you connect deeply with nature on your aqua adventures, drifting off into the Mediterranean sea as you learn new levels of balance and take a relaxing paddle to discover the hidden caves and secret coves of the island. 

Jans Olde Wolbers



Alexandra Pudlik



Elena Teixidor


  • A lover of energetic and frequencies work, Elena builds bridges between the physical, mental and spiritual body through the vibration of sound, movement, breathing and aromatherapy.

    A Sound meditation or sound bath is a journey of harmonic frequencies, creating a deeply relaxing energy field in which time is suspended and body rests on sound. Elena’s healing instruments include hang, gongs, pyramid and quartz bowls, ocean and shaman drum, flutes and her own powerful voice.

    The universe contains an energetic field with different degrees of vibration, from the subtlest to the densest. Everything works on the basis of coherence, a harmonious order in which each element functions based on the flow of energy received. When some part of the body does not vibrate in harmony, certain sounds and vibrations have the power to restore it, and this is where Elena and her powerful sound journeys create energetic shifts and deep healing. 

Nico Micha



Soon to be introducing more of our retreat specialists